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The eyes are the first thing you see when we look at someone and are the most prominent features of the face.

So when the area around the eyes has wrinkles, fatigue, puffiness and dark circles then the care of this sensitive eye area is necessary and must be done with special cosmetic products that are adapted to the particularities of this region.

The area around the eyes has a higher pH and creates the need for special care products for the region. Thus, any product intended for this area should be adapted to the pH, whether it’s a serum or a cream.

The eye area is also more prone to wrinkles because of the increased mobility of the muscles and has a greater need for hydration because the skin is thinner and this makes the area more delicate. Besides, the eye region faces other signs of fatigue such as dark circles and bags and this is why eye care products are more enhanced in active ingredients.

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The area around the eyes has less sebaceous glands and to clean this area it is preferable to avoid products which remove a large amount of sebum. Avoid the use of soap near the eyes, unless it is stated on the packaging. It is better to use water soluble products when your makeup is soft or otherwise biphasic products when wearing heavy or waterproof makeup.

For the most sensitive eyes or for women who use contact lenses it is better if to use lighter texture creams and fragrance free products. In general, I would say that it is good to choose high-tolerance, hypoallergenic and ophthalmologically tested products which means that they have passed dermatological tests and significantly reduce the possibility of irritation.

Taking all of these particularities into account it is advisable to start treatment and moisturizing the eye area early in order to maintain a well hydrated skin that can resist better to aging.

Apply eye cream before your face cream with gentle circular motions from inside out. If you wish to apply an eye serum, there are products specifically designed on the market for the eye area.


How to brighten your look

And since we made sure that we treated the eye area with the right products let’s see in which way we will have direct coverage and brightness.

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To effectively cover dark circles it is better to use a creamy concealer taking in consideration the shade of your skin. Avoid using the highly covering concealer sticks because it will blend in with your fine lines and make them more intense making the eye area more tired.

The right color of concealer is very important if you want to coveryour dark circles properly and have a nice result. Dark circles are not always black, we’re just used to calling them that. So I would suggest not to use a very light product because it will only create a gray effect like a smudge.

If your circles are very intense and dark my advice is to use two concealers. A dark colour concealer in the same tone with the circles and a little lighter colour concealer on top so that the natural colour of the circle will not interfere with the lighter colour concealer and turn the area grey.

If you want to cover your dark circles correctly you should apply your concealer exactly to the area that needs covering and not all around the lower eyelid. Dark circles are created in a semicircle from the inner corner of the lower eyelid and exactly this point is where you should apply your concealer. Over application will make the eyes look more tired.

During the application of your concealer make sure to blend it in well with either a brush or a sponge. Fix your result using a fine loose powder and a brush to be sure that it will not move.



  • Choose your eye care product based on your needs and your age
  • Apply your eye care correctly. Never apply your eye cream on the upper lid. The correct application begins from the outer corner of the lower eyelid following the bone structure. You should leave a distance of 2cm from the eye when you apply your cream. Apply using light circular movements following the bone from down and up.
  • If you have dark circles and bags you can apply light pressure starting from the inner corner of the eyes towards your temples. This will help the eye area to decongest.
  • Make sure to wear good quality sun glasses to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun rays.
  • Cover your upper eyelids with eye shadow. They give protection from the sun rays and harmful environmental pollution.
  • Wear a hat. The shadow created by your hat protects the eyes from contracting so wrinkles are not easily created.

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